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It is hard to imagine when you are there that Specht’s Store is only about 10-15 minutes north of Stone Oak on Specht Road off of Blanco Road. A world away from the congestion and onslaught of humanity and houses is a place of wide open spaces, a couple cows and trees…and Specht’s Store. According to its website, the store that is now Specht’s was originally built in 1887. In 1908 William Specht purchased the store, changed its name, and added a saloon and dancehall, which operated along side the general store. Much of the original structures and fixtures remain to this day, lending Specht’s not only infinite character, but also one gets a true glimpse of Texana history. Along side this wonderful atmosphere, you can also find, as accurately advertised on its website, home-cooking, live music, a game of horseshoes and a killer sunset. We experienced all of this at Specht’s (along with cool breezes on the night we went) and enjoyed ourselves immensely doing it. http://www.spechts.com/index.html

The food is really good, surprisingly good actually. Expecting decent, but average, burger joint fare, we received well done, grandma in the kitchen, home-cooking. My bacon cheeseburger was well seasoned, with perfectly cooked, crispy (not crunchy) bacon on top. All the fixings were fresh, bright and flavorful. The fries were thick cut, which is my preference, golden with a fluffy interior. My Mr.’s chicken fried chicken was excellent. The chicken was tender, not chewy, and the wonderful breading was not in the least doughy, heavy or greasy. The plate came with two sides. One, home-style mashed potatoes, cooked through, piping hot, but left a little lumpy, with some texture, ladled with white cream gravy with great flavor, made even better with a little doctoring of a bit of black pepper. Oh…so good! The second side was a bowl of green beans and bacon. Usually, I am not a big fan of really well done green beans, but add some bacon and good amount of seasoning, I’m a convert.

The service is, as expected, very friendly. The only negative thing I have to say is that they were out of Dos Equis and limes (that’s what you get for going on a Sunday after a crazy busy beautiful Saturday night). So we settled on Tecate and Modelo with lemons. Not perfect, but certainly not horrible.

Specht’s is family friendly – kids are able to run around in the side yard adjacent to the covered patio and stage (this is also where the horseshoes are set up). Bottom line, Specht’s offers up wonderful atmosphere, excellent food, great music, cold beer and GOOD TIMES!

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