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Little man and I have been to Beefy’s Backyard a couple of times; this time we brought Dad, some great friends and their kids, along with their neighbors (whom prior to this day I had never met) and their kids. I can tell you this for sure – food is tastier, beer is colder, atmosphere more fun, music more entertaining, when you are with great company and the kids are occupied. And herein lay the key to Beefy’s success – kids have a blast! The other elements need only be good, not great, for you to have a terrific evening out. Beefy’s outside covered patio is a superb place for you to kick back, relax, talk, laugh, enjoy the food, a bucket of beer on ice and decent music, all while the kids run themselves silly on the giant playset, basketball court and miniature fenced off soccer area (Beefy’s also has a video game room inside). Fair warning, if you do not have children, on a weekend night, this place may be nothing but annoying until about 10pm. We arrived on a Saturday evening at 5p and left about 8-8:30p and while the later it got, the older the kids got, there were still a ton of them.

The food at Beefy’s is good, solid burger joint fare. You will not find anything special or out of the ordinary here. The menu includes all the standards. I ordered the mushroom Swiss burger and it was tasty. However, despite being asked how we wanted our burgers cooked (medium, please), our burgers were squarely on the well side, over-cooked for my taste. They were still pretty juicy, although slightly under-seasoned. Thankfully, the sautéed mushrooms on my burger helped alleviate that for me. Others in our group had burgers with extra cheddar cheese; more cheese, more better (can you even taste the burger? -shrug- who cares!) One in our group ordered the veggie burger and was pleased with both its texture and its flavor, both of which can be a crap shoot at most restaurants. The fries were also good, the onion rings better.

II’ve also heard Big’z ranks high on the list for many in San Antonio for great family fun, along with more creative, gourmet burgers (…and higher prices) but we haven’t had the chance to get that way. It is on my list of must tries. For a fantastic, family friendly place, Beefy’s is one of the best. We will definitely keep going back. Added bonus, little man fell asleep within 15 minutes of getting home and mamma and daddy had the rest of the night to ourselves. Now that’s good stuff!

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