Mon’s Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar

Just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Broadway, tucked away behind a secret garden, is Mon Thai. Despite its proximity to one of most hectic intersections in Alamo Heights, Mon Thai is quiet and relaxing. The service always friendly, steady and quick (A caveat to this is if you sit outside. In that case, service can be noticeably slower – sometimes even with the feeling that they have actually forgotten about you – which is perfectly fine if you have time, and not so much if you’re there on your lunch hour). Most importantly, the food is always delicious. Every time I eat at this small, intimate, gem of a place, it has the wonderful effect of transporting me to a happy place far from the daily stresses of life, and the excess of mundane, uninspired, in your face food with which we are constantly inundated.

Each meal starts with a cup of soup which often comes to your table before you even order. Previously that soup was always the same, a broth of fish sauce and soy sauce with tofu. Lately, however, Mon Thai has been mixing it up – much to my delight. I always look forward to the surprise. A couple of weeks ago we were served a wonderful egg drop soup that literally melted in your mouth it was so silky. Also for starters, we often order the Vietnamese egg rolls with iceberg lettuce and hot pepper oil. These fried rolls (served piping hot and sliced in sections) are packed with vegetables along with a ton of flavor. Place a couple of sections in the ice cold lettuce leaf with a drizzle of the hot oil and you have yourself a perfect package of crunchy hot, crispy cold, spicy savory scrumptiousness.

Mon Thai serves a large number of curry dishes and sushi which is always incredibly fresh. Mon Thai also offers a variety of Chinese food dishes which my Mr. tends to lean. He especially likes the Kung Pao Chicken. I have tasted everything he’s ordered and thought each were very good. However, for my main dish, most of the time I order the pad Thai, which if you are a follower of this blog is no surprise, given my complete affinity for this simple, yet incredibly flavorful dish. In my opinion, Mon Thai’s ranks up there among the best in San Antonio.

On various occasions, I have also ordered the Poorman Noodles, which is very similar to pad Thai, but with extra vegetables. I particularly like the sweetness of the carrots along side the saltiness of the peanuts in this dish. The Sesame Noodles is another favorite. For me this dish in particular feels like comfort food Thai style, with its wide, stick to your ribs, noodles and toasted sesame seeds, lending a nutty, warm flavor. I just want curl up on a cozy couch with a bowl after a hard, exhausting day and let the day melt away with each bite.

I highly recommend Mon Thai. You should go and let Mon Thai take you away.

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4 Responses to Mon’s Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar

  1. dcook says:

    By the way you talk about this food it sounds like you are describing some sort of chocolate fudge cheese cake covered in vanilla bean and toffee ice cream drizzled in hot caramel. Its good food, but it’s not that good.

  2. EatSA says:

    Well you're right about that and what you just described does sound amazing. But in my opinion it's comparing apples and oranges. They both take me to a happy place. Those places are just in different locations – like the beach and the mountains.

  3. TXrunner74 says:

    I like Mon, but don't think it's amazing. I don't like the smell of the place, and it seems a little too dirty for me. Just sayin. The food, on the other hand, is good not exceptional.

  4. EatSA says:

    Interesting. I've never thought of Mon as dirty. I agree the food isn't amazing, just really good. Their Pad Thai is better than Sarikas or Tong's. And although I've haven't had the Pad Thai at Thai Dee, the food at Thai Dee is exceptional and I bet the Pad Thai there IS amazing.

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