Brunch at Tre Trattoria Downtown

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting a group of fellow foodies for brunch at the new Tre Trattoria Downtown, now occupying the space that literally two days prior was Insignia Restaurant. Chef Jason Dady teased his tweeps for those 48 hours, finally letting the cat out of the bag less than 24 hours prior to opening. Yes, sadly, Insignia is no longer. No worries. While the lunch and dinner menus are dramatically different and reflect those currently served quite successfully at the original Tre location at The Boardwalk on Broadway, the brunch menu at Tre D (as I’m calling it) thankfully is only slightly more than a logo change.

What remains unchanged is the marvelous mimosa menu, which truth be told, is really why we are here. First two mimosas are $1.00, which is great since you will want to try more than one of the creative choices. You also will still see the signature salmon dish (cooked beautifully as ever), the delicious blue crab and cream cheese stuffed crepes, breakfast pizzas, frittatas featuring seasonal ingredients, and the traditional Texas breakfast of steak and eggs that Tre elevates by serving a filet with hollandaise.

Blue Crab and Cream Cheese Crepes

Frittata with Seasonal Vegetables

Breakfast Pizza with Fried Egg and Prosciutto

As expected, there are some new faces on the menu. Notably, the Breakfast Panini which features all the elements of breakfast: a potato latke, a fried egg – yolk dripping golden goodness, crispy chopped bacon glazed with maple syrup, all on a grilled English muffin. Breakfast in a bite, every bite. In theory, this should work. Really work. I practically eat my breakfast this way, anyway. A bit of this, a bit of that, all vying for position on my fork, then dipped in a bit of maple syrup. Yum! But this didn’t quite make it for me. With a touch too much maple syrup, the sweetness overpowered the dish. I wanted more salt. I mean…I am sure it was there, just buried…deep. And crunch. The English muffin was on the soft side; unfortunately so were many of the other elements on the sandwich. I prefer the hard edges of a really toasty English muffin. For me this difference would have made the Panini much better, adding some textural variety my mouth craved.

Breakfast Panini at Tre Trattoria Downtown

A closer look at that Breakfast Panini

Another new item on the menu is the Mascarpone Polenta topped with a fried egg. While I did not have a taste, it looked fabulously creamy and surprisingly hardy. My friend enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to trying this dish out at a future foodie brunch.

Given what seems like a Clark Kent fast transformation, I could be slightly skeptical. However, with its highly regarded signature Tuscan food, Tre Trattoria is a proven brand. Add a laudable brunch, with a strong following, and I can only anticipate that Tre Trattoria Downtown will do superbly.

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5 Responses to Brunch at Tre Trattoria Downtown

  1. Went to Tre D Saturday night for our favorite goat cheese pizza. It was great. Am hoping we’ll be able to order it for weekend lunches and not be forced onto the brunch menu?

    • KAREN says:

      Good question. Not sure how they are going to work that out. I know they are serving brunch Saturdays and Sundays, trying to appeal to the more tourist aspect of Downtown. We were not offered a lunch menu, if they have one, but they also knew we were there specifically for brunch. You may have to skip Downtown and go to the Broadway location.

    • KAREN says:

      Hello Gayle

      I tweeted this today: EatSATX @chefjasondady Does Tre downtown serve only brunch on the weekends or can you get Tre AH lunch options too? Chef Dady’s reply: @chefjasondady @EatSATX Tre DT only serves brunch menu on Saturday and Sundays.

      So…if you want lunch, you will have to go to Tre Alamo Heights. I think it’s good to have the choice. AH is closer for me, but if you’re south, AH is still not too far of a trek!

      Mangia Bene! Karen

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  3. Brunch is certainly the most photogenic meal of the day! I can also empathize with yearning for super-toasty texture. Thanks so much for the post + happy spooning! Cheers, Christine {at} urbanspoon {dot} com

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