Triple D Tour: El Bohio

When I heard that Guy Fieri was in San Antonio filming his show Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives, I thought it would be fun to “follow” him and go to all the restaurants he spotlighted while in SA: El Bohio, Magnolia Pancake Haus, Beto’s, Taco Taco, Bun N Barrel, Moroccan Bites and Dough Pizzeria. I am calling my adventure the Triple D Tour. First stop: El Bohio.

Guy Fieri Autograph at El Bohio

While probably considered the “dive” in the group (it’s located in a poorly maintained shopping center), El Bohio serves rich, flavorful, authentic home-style Puerto Rican food that just makes want to dive right in. In fact, the interior atmosphere and the wonderful food is more a reflection of its name El Bohio, which itself suggests a modest countryside home, than its location.

Every weekday El Bohio offers a buffet (at the incredibly reasonable price of $5.99!) filled with family favorites: roasted pork, chicken stew, sausage and potatoes, black beans, pinto beans, white rice, yellow rice with pigeon peas, and sweet plantains. The buffet also included an iceberg lettuce salad with tomatoes which was not much to speak of and soup which I heard people raving about but ultimately had no room remaining to try.

Pulled Pork, Yellow Rice with Pigeon Peas, Chicken Stew and Plantains! YUM!

Sausage with Potatoes and more Chicken Stew

Everything was robust and delicious, hitting every spot just right on the chilly day I went. The roasted pork was really well seasoned, playing perfectly against the starchy sweet plantains. The sausage and potatoes cooked respectfully, not overdone, chewy or dry. The chicken stew was especially good (and my personal favorite), hardy chunks of chicken, carrot and potato, their yellow tint pleasing to the eye, foretelling, and delivering, the amazingly complex tastiness of sofrito (a traditional base for many Puerto Rican dishes). I actually had two servings of this great stew, both times along side the yellow rice with pigeon peas. So good! I left completely full, satisfied and happy I took the plunge!

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  1. El Bohio Restaurant says:

    Thank you so much for coming! We are so glad you liked our food. Please come back and say hi. We’d love to meet you!

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