Kumori Sushi and Teppanyaki

I really like sushi. It makes me happy. When I eat it, I want more. I dream about it, then crave it the next day. This is especially true if I have tuna. Recently, I tried Kumori, a sushi and teppanyaki restaurant located on Sonterra Blvd in the same shopping center as Auden’s Kitchen. Kumori originated in McAllen where it has several locations. Its San Antonio location is less than a year old. Kumori’s San Antonio Menu

Miso Soup at Kumori

Miso Soup at Kumori

The atmosphere at Kumori is comparable to many of sushi restaurants in town (Godai and Sushihana, as well as Sushi Zushi come to mind), perhaps slightly more upscale. The service is good, but stand-offish. The food decent, but certainly not the best I’ve had in town. While Kumori has numerous rolls to choose from, too many have cream cheese in them. The gyozo were over-steamed, limp and falling apart. Watered down, in texture and taste. I won’t be ordering the gyozo again. The dipping sauce, a diluted soy sauce mix, was alright, but a bit strange. Can’t I just have soy sauce? While I can’t comment on the teppanyaki since neither I nor my Mr. tried any of those dishes, the spicy tuna roll was good. The tuna firm with good color and flavor. My favorite, in spite of the cream cheese, was the Maui Wowie roll. The tuna was very good. I liked the crunch of the soft shell crab tempura. The sweet and spicy was also nice, avocado and chipotle mayonnaise playfully fighting in my mouth.

Maui Wowie Roll at Kumori

Maui Wowie Roll at Kumori

I will definitely go to Kumori again. It’s convenient and good. I’d like to try the Teppanyaki. But Kumori did not re-order my list. My favorite sushi places in San Antonio are still Sushihana, Godai and Mon Thai.

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2 Responses to Kumori Sushi and Teppanyaki

  1. Amy says:

    OMG. I thought I was the only one this happens to! Too funny. Sometimes I avoid sushi for this very reason… :-)

    • KAREN says:

      I totally crave sushi for days after eating it, especially with Tuna. Tuna is just so damn good! What could it be? Hoping it’s not the mercury. ;-)

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